Biblical Definition of Freedom

Joyful Harvest Ministries Teaching Series

The Biblical Definition of Freedom


We struggle for freedom, seek freedom and dream about it, Freedom is a basic human desire and everyone craves for it. Freedom is not just a Democratic/ humanitarian theme; it's the divine theme. Freedom is the highest virtue, and it is sought after by all who are, or consider themselves to be, oppressed. Unfortunately, two very different ideas of freedom get confused in many people's minds. The biblical idea of freedom is different from, but easily confused with, the cultural value of the same name. And neither one is the same as "free will." It can be confusing to the average person who wants to know what "real freedom" is. Is it having choices? Is it lack of coercion and constraint? Is it being able to do whatever you want?

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

- John 8:32 (KJV)


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  • Jul 5, 2015